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Borehole Drilling
Borehole Drilling

Ideal for domestic properties, agriculture, caravan parks etc


Bespoke Filtering
Bespoke Filtering

Iron & Manganese removal, water softening, pH correction, UV sterilisation


Drinking Water
Giving Clean Drinking Water

A legal requirement – Keeping your water up to date with the current regulations. 



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Are a specialist engineering company, covering the North, North West & Central UK areas, offering customers bespoke solutions to their private water supply and water treatment needs.






Fantastic company to deal with. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Great communication with customers and excellent standard of work. Would highly recommend.

Chris Blunstone – 15th March


Springbore fitted and maintain our water treatment system. Excellent service and level of knowledge. I can not recommend their services highly enough.

Ian Buckner


Springbore were recommended by a neighbour when our domestic borehole supply suddenly lost pressure.

David quickly & courteously responded to my initial contact and (literally) went the extra mile to make a same-day visit, between other scheduled jobs.

David Gregory


David did the spec for our filtration system two years ago to address the high iron and manganese content from our borehole. He was thoughtful in his assessment and took our flow rate and ph into account, as well as undertaking a thorough analysis of the content of our raw water. Our lives were transformed by the crystal clear water that we have enjoyed ever since! David services our system annually and is always really reliable, professional and thorough.

Marc Teasey



A borehole is a narrow shaft that has been dug into the ground. They are built to extract a private water supply for commercial and residential premises. They range in depth from 50 to 300 metres and provide a constant supply of groundwater.
The water that is pumped out of this hole is known as BOREHOLE WATER.


To have a borehole, your company’s site must be on viable ground. A free desk top study evaluates your suggested site and tells us whether it will give the desired yield. The study also helps us understand the potential water quality by examining the geology and hydrology of the area. A physical survey or inquiry are not required.


Boreholes do not require planning permission unless your company intends to extract more than 20,000 litres per day. If you want to use more than this amount on a daily basis, you must apply to the Environment Agency for an abstraction licence. We can assist you or do it on your behalf.


A specialised drilling company creates boreholes to look for borehole water. Initially, the organisation will examine the geology of a location to see whether it is feasible to extract water. The borehole is drilled till we reach an underground aquifer with a sustainable volume of easily treated water.

The geology of a region varies from one region to the next. To offer a sustainable supply, a borehole must be carefully designed taking into account each location, the geology, and the users’ needs.


The first step is to analyse the water. Mineral deposits may need to be removed in order to meet drinking water requirements. Water analysis tells us what treatment should be implemented to ensure that all contaminants are removed or reduced to safe levels.


The advantage is cost savings from reduced water usage. A borehole saves a substantial amount of money for businesses that use a large amount of water every day as part of their procedures. Your water supply is free after the initial cost of installing your borehole and water treatment equipment.


The initial cost of drilling your borehole and monitoring the water supply for safety will be incurred. You must guarantee that the borehole is drilled by a qualified company and that it is lined with an appropriate casing. Routine maintenance and water testing are performed to ensure that the borehole is operating correctly and that the water quality has not changed.


No, a borehole is only appropriate for enterprises at the correct location. To drill, the ground must be of the proper composition, and there must be a good yield of water available.

Because of the cost of installing, purifying, and monitoring a borehole water supply, it is only financially viable for businesses that utilise a large amount of water. Your present water bills must be substantial enough that the initial investment costs are recouped in future savings.